You Inspire Me: Harsha Ravikumar

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What better way to start this podcast series than pick a topic which needs to be further normalized – LGBTQIA+.

I have been trying to learn more about it for the last couple of months. The LGBTQIA+ community represents a diverse range of identities and expressions of gender and sexual orientation, and they do face unique set of challenges. In today’s episode, I have a very special guest. I have been privy to the sessions that my rockstar guest has conducted & they are so empowering & I have personally learnt a lot.

Harsha has been working in Microsoft for more than 6 years. He is a developer turned Product Manager. He has been leading GLEAM which is an ERG for the last ~3 years. He has represented Microsoft India in various external forums on the topic of LGBTQIA+ Inclusion and Beyond. He is a Tech evangelist and an avid promotor of “Inclusive Product Design and Management”.

Listen to Harsha talk about how this topic need not be stigmatized and how we can build a world that fuels growth.


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