You Inspire Me: Sumanth Bindumadhav

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Whenever I think of someone who is making a difference at grassroots level, my fabulous guest surely comes to my mind. He has been involved with conservation in various forms for like ages now! Every time I have had a conversation with him, I almost feel like I am in some sort of a story telling session – every story so different, so exciting, and needless to say, thought provoking.

In this episode, Sumanth Bindumadhav and I chat about the amazing work being carried out by Vanamitra, an organization he founded that deals with Human-wildlife conflict management, wildlife rescue operations and spreading awareness at the grassroots level. We also discuss about various interesting projects that is being carried out at Humane Society International, India where Sumanth is a Senior Manager of wildlife disaster response. Not just that, Sumanth also shares insights on how radio telemetry is used in tracking snakes, the challenges, how we can contribute towards conservation in our own tiny ways, his experience of working alongside the amazing herpetologist Padmashri Romulus Whitaker & Gerry Martin who was India’s first Natgeo Adventurer.


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