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Submissions :

You can help others too while you make use of the itineraries/travelogues present here !

Do you have itineraries to share ? Do you love telling your travel stories ? We would love to hear from you !

It could be a simple itinerary, a travelogue, a video or even a picture that can speak much. Send across your submission(s) along with your brief bio to travelrope@gmail.com


Travelogue Guidelines :

Restrict your writing to a maximum of 1000 words [preferably]

Include a minimum of 3-4 pictures to support your story

Attach the pictures separately while sending it across

Rename the pictures to indicate the place

Do not send across very high resolution photos


Itinerary Guidelines :

Give a day to day itinerary.

Tell us what you did each day.

If there are few points to be noted,mention that.

If there were few things that could have been done differently, please do mention that.

You’re always welcome to mention that cost incurred, month of travel, mode of transportation and the places you stayed at.


Video Guidelines:

Share it with us via any sharable link

Restrict the video to 3 minutes [preferable]

The video should emphasise about the place

Quality of the video should be as neat as possible




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  1. Hello,

    I saw the website and it is awesome! Can I contribute as well?!


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    The website is so full of information . Keep posting more . Great content . Loved the pictures.


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    This is super cool idea to comeup with a itinerary for trips. Very crisp and no nonsense :)

    Totally love it !!


  4. Too Good website with great info… loved the pics ..:)

  5. Looking at places different perspective …. Keep it going …. awaiting more and more and more ….

  6. Dr Amith

    Hi ,
    Refreshingly nice , keep up the good work , my trips are mostly academical so feels good the other side….

  7. Adhishree Sharma

    Hi! I am a student of Delhi University and I am also a freelance writer. So far, I have been writing for Wittyfeed and I also have a personal blog under the name Cartographer. I was looking for a permanent job as a travel blogger in your highly esteemed website. These are the links to my previous works-
    Hoping for a positive response

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    good to see such a nice travel blog and pics are very nice..:)


  9. Hi! Travel Rope
    Myself Paras Kumar
    An international Travel Blogger
    I was looking for a freelance travel blogger in your highly esteemed website.
    Also, I saw your website in the top list of travel blogger by Holidify
    I’ll Give you Quality not quantity, And I posted two trips on tripoto
    Hoping for a positive response
    Also, am running my own travelling site
    Paras Kumar

  10. I absolute love your blog and reading about your adventures! Thank you for sharing

  11. Hi,
    I am kundan kumar, a new travel blogger, i would like to contribute some itenary for Mysore, coorg, or ooty. I would like you to review once my blog to check for content quality and let me know if I can contribute some to your amazing blog. Hoping for a positive response.
    Kundan kumar

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