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Whenever I listen to Keerthana’s renditions, it just transports me to a magical world where there is nothing but peace and calmness! A singer par excellence who is always trying to do different things! So happy to have had the chance to interview her. Read on to know more.

Your parents have had a big influence on your musical journey and were one of the first to teach you about music. Can you talk to us a bit about your journey into the world of music?

My parents are both classical musicians themselves. Home was always buzzing with students learning music, concerts playing on the radio/TV. My parents would host artists visiting our hometown for performances and my dad always made sure we learnt a song or two from each of them :) I’m grateful to them for giving us such a musically nourishing childhood

You have trained under the legendary Vidushi Bombay Jayashri. What has been that experience like?

She is the kindest and most loving guide/teacher I could wish for. To be trained and mentored by her has been a true blessing.

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Pic Credit: Keerthana Vaidyanathan

You have been collaborating with interesting musicians & artists and it sparks such a joy when one listens to those music productions. How did this all begin?

I’m lucky to have friends who are amazing artistes and that’s how most of my collaborative productions have happened. It’s great joy to create music with friends.

Your music, for me personally, has been so much about calmness. What do you look forward to when you embark on a new music production or a new project?

I hope to explore and learn something new with each project. I ask myself how can I give a fresh experience to the listener every time I embark on a new project/production.

You have been working on some amazing projects all these years. Which one of those has been the toughest so far?

Kee & Techno – a duo project of mine along with Electronic Musician & Producer, Prashanth Techno has been the most enriching and challenging project. We set out to do many originals and also some interpretations of classical compositions. Getting involved in all aspects of music production and video production has been fun and challenging at the same time.

Could you tell us a little bit about your upcoming projects?

I’m working on the second volume of Kee & Techno originals with Prashanth. Apart from that, I am working on a project involving revival of compositions, written by Sri Puvvada Ramadasu. I am also collaborating with a few amazing dancers, creating music for their dance choreography. Teaching vocal music has been another passion of mine and I am working on expanding that side of things soon.

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Pic Credit: Keerthana Vaidyanathan

A lot of them may also want to know if you conduct classes and if someone wants to reach you for music lessons, how can they go about it?

They can reach me on

What advice would you like to give to upcoming musicians?

Upcoming or otherwise, I think musicians remain at their best when they maintain their discipline in practicing their art form, being open to new ideas and having a constant striving to express themselves better.

Who has been your biggest inspiration(s)?

Too many to mention here! I’m inspired by anyone and everyone who puts up a genuine fight to overcome their struggle in whatever they do


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Instagram: Keerthana Vaidyanathan (@keerthanavaidyanathan)

YouTube: Kee & Techno

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