Itinerary : Six days in Andaman Islands

By Air : All flights pit stop at Chennai and then head towards Andaman. From Chennai, it’s a matter of 2 hours to get to Port Blair. That’s where the airport is.

By Ship: Takes 50-60 hours. Anyone willing to travel via ship can find details here

Suggested itinerary for a 6 day trip :

Day 1 : Arrive at Port Blair. Head to Viper Island in the afternoon. You can visit Corbyn’s Cove as well. Water activities are present here. Mainly Jet skiing and speed boat ride. Light and sound at Cellular Jail in the evening. This is not to be missed. 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (Hindi) and 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm (English). Closed on Monday and on public holidays.

Day 2 : Head to Havelock Island via ferry. Takes about 2.5 hours. Visit Radhanagar Beach.

Day 3 : Visit Elephanta Beach. Can go in private boat. It’s about 30-45 mins from Havelock. You can get to do scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat ride, glass bottom boat ride, snorkelling. This is for half a day. Second half of the day, head back to Port Blair.

Day 4 : Visit the Cellular Jail and take a tour of the museum. Post this, head to Mt.Harriet. There is a 2.5 km Jungle trek there. It’s fun if you’re in a group.

Day 5 : Head to North Bay where you can find amazing coral reefs. You can do a sea walk or scuba diving. It’s a National Geographic Channel Dive Site. Second half of the day, visit Ross Island.

Day 6 : You can visit Baratang Island.Permit is a must to get to Baratang. You will get to see Mangroves, limestone caves and a mud volcano.

Best time to visit :

November-February. Since Andaman is closer to the equator, it would be super sunny. So going in winter makes things easier.



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