10 day itinerary to Jordan!

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Here is a 10 day itinerary for your trip to Jordan!

Day 1-2: Amman
Day 3: Jerash and Ajloun
Day 4: Mount Nebo, Madaba and Baptism Church
Day 5: Dead Sea & Petra
Day 6: Petra
Day 7-8: Wadi Rum
Day 9-10: Aqaba

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Picture Credit: Radhika Dharmavarapu


Things to keep in mind:

  • Visa: Indian passport holders can opt for ‘Visa on Arrival’. If you have a resident visa from the US, Canada or Europe (actual list may be longer) you will be allowed to enter the country without much additional verification. If you do not however, you will need to have all of the following documentation to get your visa on arrival; valid passport for at least 6 months, travel to Jordan declaration form, bank statement as proof of funds, Jordan Pass or travel itinerary such as flight, hotels bookings and cash for visa; if you do not buy the Jordan Pass. Even if you do have a resident visa, it may be prudent to have all of the documentation ready just in case the immigration officers would like to verify. For more details, you can refer to – https://www.atlys.com/post/jordan-visa-on-arrival
  • Jordan Pass: The Jordan Pass is indeed useful, as it allows you to visit 40 odd attractions and can be used at the immigration desk to have your visa on arrival fee waived if you spend a specific number of days in Jordan. Through the article, shall mention the places where the Jordan Pass is not accepted. More information: https://www.jordanpass.jo/
  • Language: The official language in Jordan is Arabic. That said, most people speak (at least) English.
  • Currency, Credit Cards and ATMs: The currency is Jordanian Dinar and one can find banks, atms and exchange offices at the airport and in cities. Several restaurants and restaurants accept forex/ credit cards with no extra charge. Although I would recommend having about 200 JOD at all times in cash, especially while traveling to Petra and Wadi Rum.
  • Internal commute: Taxi/ Uber/ Rent a car. The public bus/ inter-city tour bus is non-existent. To commute within the city, you can either hail a running ‘yellow taxi’/ Uber, although I would personally recommend walking about because there is no other way to explore a country and learn about the place. For inter-city travel we rented a car from Monte Carlo, excellent service. They delivered the car and briefed us well on the rules and regulations.
  • Safety: It is a very safe destination, overall. Women will get catcalled, traveling as a solo woman might be more risky than it’s worth.
  • Sim Card: There are several options which are easily available in the airport at the Orange kiosk. Personal suggestion would be the Orange sim card – the network connectivity and the plan was reasonable and good.
  • Things to pack: Apart from the basic necessities such as clothes, undergarments, and your personal kit. Would highly recommend a good sunscreen/ moisturizer, a good pair of walking and hiking shoes/ boots – because there is a lot of walking to do, and a fly repellent (more about this later!). If you’re going between November and January don’t forget to bring a jacket as it can get pretty chilly.
  • Guides: Guides are available at the ticket counter/ information center at the sites. Official guides will have an identity card with ‘Official Guide’ written on it. Although, we did not hire a guide for any of the sites/ places as the boards on sites or information booklets available at the centers are extensive.
  • Water: Jordan is a desert with limited water reserves, so refillable water stations are rare & drinking from the tap isn’t recommended. You’re going to have to buy plastic water bottles, there’s just no way around it.

About the authors:

Radhika Dharmavarapu: A banker by day, otherwise an avid reader, an epicurean, aspirational traveler who wants her passport stamped. Love history, culture and a true escapade!

Rohit Ram Monahar: When he is out of the den, he is a history buff, an adventurous traveler. Loves to explore the less traveled places – try the unique food, learn the culture of the place by connecting with the locals and is adored by Cats!

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