Bound by the magic of Mahabaleshwar

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Mahabaleshwar can be the answer to your summer woes. Mahabaleshwar, being a hill station in Maharashtra could be the much needed respite. Rains can get very heavy here. Hence it would be perfectly alright to visit anytime other than the rainy season.

Mahabaleshwar offers a lot of places to visit and there are many options for accommodation.

Mahabaleshwar is not only famous for its beautiful sunset points but is also very famous for the amazing strawberries that are available there. Once there, don’t forget to try the strawberry milkshake. It is absolutely drool worthy. There is also a strawberry garden and the strawberry festival is held in the month of March/April.


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There are many places to be visited here. One of the most noteworthy places would be Venna Lake. It is a man made lake and not a natural one. There are a lot of activities like boating that take place here.

Venna Lake

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Once in Mahabaleshwar, you can’t afford to miss Arthur’s Seat Point. This is mainly known for its scenic beauty and various points like echo point,window point and tiger spring point.

Arthurs Seat

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Lingamala Waterfall should be visited right after the rains are done. That is when its real beauty can be witnessed.


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Mahabaleshwar also has places of religious importance like Panch Ganga temple. It is a confluence of five rivers and it would be worth a visit.


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It is easy and convenient to reach Mahabaleshwar and there are a plethora of options available to choose your stay at Mahabaleshwar Hotels. Time to head to Mahabaleshwar, right ?

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