You Inspire Me: Sanjana Madappa

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In this episode we discuss about a topic which is so close to my heart – animal welfare & particularly at that, adoption. My incredible guest, Sanjana Madappa heads the adoption wing at CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) Second Chance Adoption Center, Bengaluru. She is someone who has been tirelessly helping in getting so many dogs a second chance at life. These are dogs that have been abandoned, abused, breeder’s discard or the ones given up for various reasons. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to animal welfare and is fiercely protective about her shelter dogs. Sanjana is huge advocate of adopt don’t shop and she also takes care of 9 dogs at home with special needs. Sanjana and I chat about what causes so many dogs to end up in animal shelters, state of dog breeding & what happens to the dogs in most cases, what should one look out for when planning for animal adoption, her biggest influences in life amongst many other things.

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