Travelrope initially started out as a humble blog on Tumblr. Post a number of articles, I felt that I can perhaps ease the process of building trip itinerary by sharing my travel experiences as well as other travellers’ who contribute their stories to Travelrope. Travelrope has no longer remained a place just for travelogues as I also wanted to share what goes on in the lives of the many who have been inspiring to a whole lot of people out there. That is how Inspire Me Series was born.

Travelrope is open to conducting reviews,contests and giveaways. Get in touch by dropping me an email or via any of the social networking sites mentioned in the Contact Us page.

I want to take a minute to thank few people as this would not have been possible if not for their encouragement. A big thank you shout out goes to Vimal,my companion who is always there for me through thick and thin. He helps me with the pictures. If you like any of the pictures, the credit goes to him. Vivek, my buddy, helped me in the initial Marketing. My very close pal Tanya has been so enthusiastic about every little thing that I do from the beginning. She is such a delight ! Of course all my doggie friends – Chotu,Minty,Toofy,Scotchy,Babloo – for keeping me sane :)

Here are a couple of people who took time to know more about my work !





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  2. Awesome!! didn’t know this side of you.

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